Yukon Solitaire

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What is Yukon Solitaire


Yukon Solitaire is an entertaining card game. This game is played by moving all cards on the tableau to four foundations as quick as possible.

If you are bored and want to find a game to kill time, this game is your perfect choice. The game has simple control and classic gameplay will bring a relaxing time to you. Let’s experience the game!


The final goal in Yukon is to move all the cards from the Tableau onto the four foundation piles. The Foundations must be arranged in order by suit and rank. Besides, each foundation has one suit and you must put the cards onto them in ascending order starting from the Ace.

How to play this game

In this game, you have to use all the cards on the tableau to build the four foundation piles up in suits from Aces to King. Within the tableau, cards or a group of cards can be moved from one column to another column as long as the starting and target cards must be built down in sequence and in alternating colours. Empty spaces on the tableau can be filled by any card. This game doesn’t offer the hint button, so you have to do your own to win the game. However, you can reverse your last moves three times. Note that you have only 10 minutes. Try your best to clear all cards on the tableau as quick as possible to get the highest possible score.

Time and High Scores

The time to complete a game is limited, so you must try to put all the cards into the foundations. Try to score as many points as possible to put your name on the leaderboard. To see the leaderboard, you can click the "High Score" button in the main menu. Here, you can see the other players' high scores today, last week, last month, and all time. You also look for your scores.

How to control

Use the mouse to play.