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What is Spider


Spider is a solitaire card game where your mission is to arrange the cards inside the game in descending runs from King down to Ace in the same suit.

Card layout

  • 2 decks of cards of the same suit (including 104 cards)
  • 54 cards are laid out into 10 horizontally tableau columns.
  • 6 cards are placed in each stack into the left-most 4 columns, and 5 cards in the remaining 6 columns.
  • Only the top card within each tableau is turned face-up.
  • The remaining 50 cards are stacked face-down which are located in the top left corner of your play table as the stockpile.

The rules of the game

Each pile's last card is turned face up. Each pile gets one card at a time. So the first card dealt goes to the first pile, the second card to the second pile, and so on. The 11th card would be dealt with the first pile and so on until all 54 cards have been dealt.

Following the drawing of the face-up cards, the remaining cards are placed in the Stockpile and will be used to draw cards into the game. Tableau refers to a line of ten piles. Allow enough space above or below the Tableau for eight more piles, which will be known as the "Foundation," which is where you will be moving your card piles once you have finished the King through Ace descension. 

How to play

You aim to arrange or sequence the cards in the columns in descending order from King to Ace along with the tableau. You slide the cards out of the tableau and into one of the eight foundations for each completed sequence. The game is won when each foundation is finished, with suit cards piled from King to Ace, and there are no more cards left.