Master Chess

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What is Master Chess


Ways to win Master Chess

Invite your friend to play a classic puzzle game named Master Chess. Use different strategies and guide your chess piece to checkmate your rival's king.

You must be too familiar with the chess game. However, now, this game is available on our web browser. Therefore, you can play it online without purchasing chess pieces and a table. The playing rules of this game are super simple. Just take control of your chess pieces on the table to defeat your opponent's chess pieces and checkmate his king. Because each chess piece has a distinct move type, you must remember it. For example, you must guide the Pawns to move in a straight direction. Initially, a Pawn is allowed to move forward 2 vacant spaces. Then, it can move forward with only one vacant space. The moving direction of the Rook is horizontal and vertical while the moving direction of the Knight is a L shape. The Bishop is able to move in a diagonal direction. Besides, you should remember that the Queen is an important chess piece because it can move in any direction and in an unlimited number of squares. Therefore, you should protect the Queen carefully and only use it at the end of the battle. Finally, the King is the most important chess piece that must be protected at all times. If you lose your King, you will lose. Therefore, do not let your rival have a chance to checkmate your King.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to move the chess piece.

Two game modes of Master Chess

When playing this game, you can compete with the computer player or your friend. If you want to practice with the computer player, you must choose the Play Vs Computer mode. Otherwise, if you can compete with your friend, the Multiplayer is the best choice. Besides choosing the game modes, you also need to select the levels of difficulty. The easiest level is 1 star. The most difficult level is 3 stars. You should choose the most suitable level of difficulty. Finally, I want to introduce you to the best website named 2 Player Games. This website offers many interesting games for two players.