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What is Pyramid


Pyramid is a solitaire card game where you must get all the cards from the pyramid to the foundation by matching two cards with a rank that totals 13.

By participating in this game you have the opportunity to play with a deck of 52 cards. This game takes you to a classic card game world. You can play with cards arranged in a pyramid shape. However, you will have to follow some rules of the game.

Objects in the game:

The game consists of 52 cards. The cards range from ACE to King. Each card will carry a corresponding value.

ACE piece = 1

King = 13

Queen = 12

Jack piece = 11

The remaining cards have the same value as the number on the card.

Game rules:

This game has an easy and simple gameplay principle. Your task is to match two cards together so that their total value is 13. For example, you need to match the ACE card with the Queen card or card 9 with card 4. In particular, the King is not. need grafting. You can automatically remove it. Spade, Diamond, Heart and Club substances are not important in this game. They do not affect the game. You just need to care about the value of the card enough.

The cards are arranged and shuffled in a pyramid shape. All cards are placed face-up. However, you can only select cards from the bottom of the pyramid. Cards that are overwritten by other cards cannot be selected. Match all the cards. When all cards are removed, you win. If there are cards that cannot be matched, you lose. This is what sets it apart from other card games.

Control way:

At the bottom of the pyramid, there is a stockpile. You need to match the cards here with the cards on the pyramid. You need to put the cards in the right box. Then click on that card and a corresponding card on the pyramid.

Besides, you can skip cards that cannot be matched right in the stockpile. You can press next to switch cards. Once you've gone through a stockpile, you can use the cycle button to go back to the beginning of the stockpile. However, you can only spin 3 times.

Tips to play:

You should clear the cards face to face. It will make it easier for you to choose later. Clearing the cards in a row is not a good choice.

You should match a card in the stockpile with a pyramid to guarantee victory. Especially, when there are many cards of the same value, match those cards with the bodies on the pyramid. You should not pair them with cards from the same stockpile.

How to control: Drag the card onto another card to match.