Canfield Solitaire

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What is Canfield Solitaire


Canfield Solitaire is an amusing card game. In this game, your mission is to build on the foundation cards upward by suit until all cards are used.

You must assemble each foundation pile according to suit, going from Ace to King, to play the game. For instance, the next card will be a ten if the base card is a nine. Searching through the stock and reserve piles will be necessary to locate the cards required to complete each foundation. By stacking tableau cards in decreasing sequence with alternating colours, you should be able to reveal these cards. The top card from the reserve pile is immediately played into any empty tableau pile spaces. As long as it adheres to the guidelines for each tableau and reserve pile, the top reserve card may also be played there. Try the stockpile if neither the reserve card nor any of the tableau cards may be used.

The time for you to complete your mission is limited. So you must quickly arrange all the cards before the timer counts down to 0. If that happens, you have failed. The game requires you to think and use intelligent strategies to be able to arrange the cards.

Types of Piles in Canfield Solitaire: 

  • Foundation piles: There are four empty piles at the beginning of the game. You will build them up as you play, typically beginning with aces.
  • Tableau piles: Four piles appear on the screen. Before the card game begins, they are shuffled and dealt.
  • Stockpile: The cards in this pile are left over from the deck after the tableau piles have been formed.
  • Waste pile: includes the cards you do not put in the tableau. They also are formed by emptying the stockpile.
  • Reserve pile: The reserve pile resembles a traditional tableau pile. The top card of a stack of face-down cards is facing up. You can move cards from the reserve pile. but no cards can be added to a reserve pile.

How to play:

Use the mouse to play.