Klondike Turn 3

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What is Klondike Turn 3


Klondike Turn 3 is a solitaire card game in which your task is to move all of them to the four foundations at the top right corner by suit from Ace to King.

In this game, you fill 4 platforms with cards by following a more complex, ascending suit sequence with 3 cards in the stockpile. Play Klondike Solitaire, a game in which three cards are taken from the stack at once. If you get stuck, you can reverse and undo moves to get you out. Don’t forget to track the time and number of movements you've made.

How to play

Cards are spun or drawn from the in-game stockpile. If the rules allow, these cards can then be moved to the background or the animation. The cards are spun or drawn one by one in the different versions of the game. Naturally, this is called "turn 1" or "turn 1". Cards from the stockpile can be spun three cards at a time in other versions of the game. The change can be seen in the image below.

Turn 3 is a more difficult game to play. This is because you can play every card from the stockpile on Turn 1. During Turn 3, you can only play every third card, making the game more difficult. Those looking for a challenge will enjoy turning 3, as your options are increasingly limited and you have to think more about how to win the game.


What is harder, turn 1 or turn 3?

Turn 3 is considered harder than Turn 1.  In Turn 1 you can play every card from the stockpile. During Turn 3, you can only play every third card, which makes the game more challenging. Players who want to challenge themselves should choose Turn 3. Here, your moves become more limited and you have to think carefully when moving cards. Only then you can get have a chance to win.

Do I need to buy this game? 

The answer is no. You can play this game on our web for free. 

How to control

Click the mouse to select the cards, then move it by swiping the mouse.