Solitaire Turn 3

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What is Solitaire Turn 3


Solitaire Turn 3 is a simple card game. Your objective is to build up four foundations in ascending sequence and a suit as quickly as possible.

In this game, your goal is to remove all cards on the tableau in the shortest time. To do that, you have to move them to four foundation spaces on the right top of the screen. Each foundation pile must be arranged in the ascending order from Aces to Kings and in a suit. Besides, the exposed card of a tableau column can be transferred to the other exposed card of another tableau column if it forms a descending sequence of alternating colours. When no more moves are available on the tableau, you can draw cards in the stockpile. Unlike the other klondike solitaire, you are allowed to flip 3 cards at a time from the stockpile. This makes the game harder. Therefore, whenever you are unable to continue, look at the Hint button on the left bottom of the screen. It will mark movable cards on the tableau. Click the Undo button to reverse your last move. You will gain 5 points after moving a card from the tableau to the foundation successfully. Try your best to clear all cards on the tableau to get the highest possible score.

This game features 5 levels which are Medium, Hard, Expert, Master, and Grandmaster. Choose one of them to play it now. If you want a little excitement, choose a Random mode. In addition, the game provides various attractive themes, card sets, card backs and backgrounds. You can choose them for free.

Tips and Tricks to win Solitaire Turn 3:

  • Before drawing the cards in the stockpile, you must be sure that there is no more playable card on the tableau.
  • Try to remove all cards of one column on the tableau first. After that, you can use it as temporary storage.
  • Flip the face-down cards on the tableau whenever the opportunity arises.