Triple Jack

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What is Triple Jack


Triple Jack is a unique card game. Your task is to calculate to fill three empty cells with three cards, and the total of each cell's value is twenty-one.

There will be three empty cells on the screen, and your task is to flip the cards face down in reserve. Then you need to calculate very carefully so that all the boxes have three cards and have a total value of 21. If you exceed twenty-one, you bust. If the sums do not exceed twenty-one, you can still get a score corresponding to the total in each cell you have. Each one can only hold three cards. If you can make all three free cells sum to twenty-one, then you get a triple jack. The number of chips will increase every time you have a jack. The cards have a value corresponding to their number. The J, Q, and K cards have a value of 11. The Ace card has two values. It can be equal to 1 or equal to 11. You can resubmit your score by tapping the Bank button.

This is an attractive card game for you. You can not only relax but also exercise your calculation ability. You will have to think carefully and come up with intelligent strategies to have a chance to win with the highest score. Good luck.

Features of Triple Jack: 

  • Scores can be accumulated again by pressing the Bank button.
  • The highest score will be scored after each level.
  • Simple gameplay.
  • The strategic missions attracted players.
  • Single-player.

How to play:

Use the mouse to play.