Spider Solitaire Blue

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What is Spider Solitaire Blue


Spider Solitaire Blue is a relaxing card game in which you have to rearrange all exposed cards on the tableau in descending order and in a suit.

Featuring a new appearance, this game will certainly bring you a scintillating playing experience. In this game, your mission is to reorganize all cards on the tableau in descending sequence from Kings to Aces and in a suit. A stack which is completed will automatically move to the discard pile. If you get stuck, draw cards in the stockpile or use the hint button on the right bottom of the screen. There is no time limit, so you don’t need to be fast. Consider carefully about the next move. You can use the Undo button on the right bottom of the screen to reverse the previous move if you regret it. The scoring rule of this game is super simple. You will score 10 points after moving a card or a stack from one column to another column. Do your best to clear all cards on the tableau and gain the highest possible score.

About the game

Spider Solitaire Blue brings one of the most popular styles of Solitaire to players. the game offers 3 classic modes, including one suit, two suits and four suits. One special thing, Softgames Solitaire Games designed the game with attractive graphics. This is a must-play for all Solitaire players in 2022. Enjoy this card game masterpiece!

Features of Spider Solitaire Blue:

  • A variety of card backs to select
  • 3 modes including 1 SUIT, 2 SUIT and 4 SUIT
  • Easy control
  • Beautiful 2D graphics and vibrant sound effects

How to control

Use the mouse to play.