Solitaire Social

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What is Solitaire Social


Solitaire Social is a fascinating card game. After placing the cards in sequence from King to Ace in alternating colors, your objective is to arrange 52 cards from the tableau piles from Ace to King in a suit in Free Cell.

This game is different in that to be able to get the cards of the same suit, you need to move the other cards to form a column with decreasing numbers from King to Ace as long as they are different colors. This arrangement will take place in the tableaus. You then again take the cards you need to form a deck that increments from Ace to King onto the top platform. They have been marked for each suit. If there is no matching card in the tableaus, you can choose another card in the lower right corner. Cards that are chosen must the right requirements. In case you are too stuck, you can use hints. There are three suggestions that are reset, shuffle, and hint.

Try to collect as many crowns as possible. The number of crowns you have can be used to change the deck with many different colors. In addition, you can also use them to choose another background that looks better than the original one. Try to arrange all the cards to become the winner.

Features of Solitaire Social:

  • Colorful visual, funny sounds.
  • There are many hints that support the player during the game such as reset, shuffle, and hint.
  • Single-player.
  • Easy to control, suitable for many people who want to be entertained.

How to play: 

Use the mouse to control.