Solitaire Grande

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What is Solitaire Grande


Solitaire Grande is an awesome card game in which you have to deal all cards on the tableau into 4 foundations in the ascending order and the same suit.

Do you want to know Solitaire become the favourite game for millions of people all over the world! With simple control and classic gameplay, the game is suitable to kill time and have fun. 

How to win 

The rule of this game is really similar to Klondike Solitaire. Just move all cards on the tableau into 4 foundations on the right top of the screen. Each foundation is built in ascending order and in the same suit. Note that the card in one column on the tableau can be transferred to another column as long as it is one number lower than the card beneath it. You can take cards in the stockpile whenever you get stuck. Try your best to remove all cards on the tableau in the shortest time and gain the highest possible score. You will claim a lot of coins after getting a victory. This game features multiple tasks. Complete them to get extra coins. Accumulate as many coins as possible to purchase new card faces, card backs and backgrounds in the shop.

The modes

This game offers two modes including 1 Draw and 3 Draw. A “1 Draw” mode allows you to flip a card in the stockpile each time. Meanwhile, you can uncover 3 cards each time if you choose a “3 Draw” mode. Of course, the 3 Draw mode will be more challenging because you can’t pick any cards from the stock. You can only use cards that aren’t under other cards. 

Achievements and Theme

Enjoy a relaxing time with a standard 1-card or 3-card draw. Besides, you can complete missions to unlock challenging achievements. Then you will earn coins after finishing. Moreover, you have a chance to play with different card faces, backs and backgrounds when changing themes with coins. 

How to control

Use the mouse to play.