Simple Simon

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What is Simple Simon


Simple Simon is a card game where you can show your intelligence. You need to arrange the cards in order and they have to be in the same suit.

If you love playing card games, then Simple Simon is an interesting game for you.

The Rules

This game gives you a deck of 52 cards.

Your task is to arrange the cards in ascending order. You only stack cards close together when they stand next to each other in the deck. For example, you need to arrange card 9 after card 10. You can put cards that are not in the same suit together. However, you won't be able to move the entire section. If you put heart card 5  after heart card 6, you can move this section including cards 5 and 6. You can put heart card 5 after diamond card 6. However, you will not be able to move the section of these two cards. Similarly, if you form columns from King to ACE that is not of the same suit, you cannot remove them either. The cards will disappear if you arrange them in order from the A to the K which must be the same.

Theme and Time

Besides, you can choose themes, card sets, card backs and backgrounds without money. There are many different wallpapers and themes. You can choose wallpapers of lovely bow animals, peaceful landscapes or splendid seabed.

 Pay attention to the moves and time on the right corner of the screen as they can affect your score. Use your wits to solve problems with card numbers.

Simple Simon is a fun game for you to practice your math skills. Good luck!