Season Solitaire

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What is Season Solitaire


Season Solitaire is a captivating card game with a wonderful landscape theme. Your mission is to transfer all cards on the tableau to 4 foundation piles.

In this game, your goal is to stack all cards on the tableau into 4 foundation piles in ascending sequence from Aces to Kings. each stack must be in a suit. Within the tableau, you can move a card or a group of cards from one pile to another one as long as this card is one lower in rank than the target card. In addition, their colour must be opposite. Look at the stockpile on the top left of the screen. It restores many hidden cards. You can draw the cards in the stockpile whenever you want. However, you encourage to flip the card in the stockpile if there is no more possible move left. Do your best to remove all cards on the tableau and get the highest possible score. 

Features of Season Solitaire:

This game features beautiful landscape background. Moreover, the card backs and card sets are painted with fantastic sceneries of four seasons. This brings you an exciting playing experience while playing.


Additionally, there is no time limit in this game. Therefore you can spend hours considering your next move. Moreover, this game offers 2 modes with 6 levels. If you choose a Standard Mode, you will earn 5 points after moving a card from tableau to the foundation pile successfully. For a Las Vegas mode, you will score 10 points if a card is placed successfully into one of four foundation piles.

How to control:

Use the mouse to control the card