Season FreeCell

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What is Season FreeCell


Season FreeCell is a solitaire card game in which you arrange the cards in the game so that they are all of the same suits. Enjoy landscapes of four seasons.

Welcome to the new version of the FreeCell game! This game is one of the most popular card games. With the same characteristics as Klondike, the Freecell game is gradually becoming more familiar to players.

The Rules

In this game, you will play with 52 cards. The cards are arranged in eight columns at Tableau. You need to arrange these 52 cards in descending order from King to ACE. Then bring them up to the Foundation position. Note that you can only arrange cards close to each other when they have the opposite colour of black and red. For example, you can only arrange a black card 5 after a red card 6. A black card 5 after a black card 6 is not allowed.

Foundation is where you arrange the cards in ascending order. Cards from ACE to King are reasonable. However, you need to make sure they follow the Suits: Spade, Diamond, Heart and Club.

Besides that, there are free cells. This is where you can place any card. You can place any card. However, there can only be one card.

Themes of the game

This game takes the theme from the seasons. You can see the background in this entertaining game. They are images that represent the seasons. In spring, flowers bloom. In the summer, it's sunny. In autumn, leaves fall and in winter, snow falls. You can enjoy these images while playing. This game is a puzzle game. Let's solve it!