Pyramid Solitaire

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What is Pyramid Solitaire


Pyramid Solitaire is an interesting card game. Your objective is to remove all cards in the pyramid by connecting two cards that add up to 13.

In this game, the cards are arranged in a pyramid shape. your mission is super simple. Just match two cards as long as their total is 13. The King is an exception. It is valued at 13, so you can don’t need to connect it with the other card. Moreover, only the card which is not blocked by the other cards is playable. If there is no more playable card in the pyramid, you can flip a card from the stockpile. Note that a card in the waste pile can be matched with another card in the stockpile. Whenever you get stuck, click the Hint button to get the suggestion about possible matches. Click the Undo button to reverse your last move if you want. You will score 10 points after making a match. Do your best to remove all cards in the pyramid and the stockpile as quickly as possible to gain the highest possible score.

This game has 6 levels which are Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert, Master, and Grandmaster. Choose one of the levels and start playing this game now. Click the Appearance button to select a variety of beautiful themes, card sets, card backs and backgrounds for free. You can use them to customize your solitaire deck.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Try to eliminate the cards on each side evenly
  • Use the waste pile when you can
  • Remove the King as soon as possible

Features of Pyramid Solitaire:

  • 6 levels including Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert, Master, and Grandmaster
  • Collections of eye-catching themes, card sets, card backs and backgrounds
  • Simple control
  • Nice 2D graphics and vibrant sound effects

How to play

Drag a card onto another card to match