Poker World

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What is Poker World


Poker World is a strategy card game. In this game, your task is to be a person who has the best hand combination to win as much money as possible.

The basic way to play this game is that each player will be dealt two cards. Then three common cards will be dealt with. A total of five common cards are dealt. You will combine five cards and two cards in their hands to form the strongest hand. You need to be careful because it is easy to make a mistake when you do not realize that you can use 2, 1, or no cards to combine. Between dealing rounds, the preflop, flop, turn, and river rounds are betting rounds. There are four betting rounds. During each betting round the player has the right to fold, call, check, bet, and raise. In each round, the player can use five action rights. When pressing the fold button, you can discard your hand immediately. When someone raises in front of you, you can even fold as soon as no one uses your raise before you. However, you always check when no one bets before you instead of folding. Press the Bet button to put an amount of money into the pot. Bet action is the act of helping you get more chips when you have a strong hand and forcing your opponent to fold when your hand is weak. You can bet as much as you want.  Pressing the Raise button when a player has bet before you, you have the right to raise. Add more coins to the pot than the previous amount. Usually, the minimum raise should be double the previous bet. Use the Call button when someone bets or raises before you. You can follow by the number of chips they give. However, if you fold, you will be eliminated from the table. When no one has bet or raised before you, you have the right to check. Remember to always check even though you know you might lose.

Features of Poker World:

Game with challenging missions and complex gameplay to help you show off your tactics.
Use the rights in the game: fold, call, check, bet, and raise.
There is the last hand result, Dallas top 10, and Hand Ranking.

How to play:

Use the mouse to control it.