Nature Spider

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What is Nature Spider


Nature Spider is a nature-themed card game. Your mission is to rearrange all cards on the tableau in descending order from Kings to Aces and in a suit.

This game is set up by using 104 cards. On the tableau, there are ten columns dealt face down. Eight empty spaces on the top right of the deck are the foundation. A stack of hidden cards on the top left of the deck is the stockpile.  

In this game, your goal is to reorganize the face-up cards on the tableau. A completed pile will start with a King and go in sequential order down to the Ace. Note that they must be arranged in a suit. If there are no more playable cards on the tableau, you can flip other hidden cards in the stockpile. The completed pile is moved automatically from the Tableau to the Foundation. 

The game features a natural theme with wonderful landscapes. An image of a beautiful stream makes you feel peaceful. Moreover, 3 modes including 1 Suit, 2 Suit and 4 Suit are playable in this game. Each mode has 6 levels from Easy to Grandmaster. Besides, In each mode, the cards are moved differently. Play this game now to discover their differences. It can be played online on both mobile and PC.

Tips to win Nature Spider:

  • Plan your moves carefully while playing
  • Don’t waste a vacant column. You can use it as temporary storage
  • Change your strategy when you get stuck
  • Try to start a stack with a King
  • Just draw cards in the stockpile when necessary

How to play

Use the mouse to play