Mr Bean Solitaire Adventures

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What is Mr Bean Solitaire Adventures


Mr Bean Solitaire Adventures is a funny card game in which you have to move all cards on the tableau to the discard pile in descending or ascending order. 

Are you a big fan of Mr Bean? Do you want to join him on his road trip through the USA? Don’t hesitate! Click to start the solitaire adventure with Mr Bean right now. 

The plot of the Mr Bean Solitaire Adventures

Mr Bean is taking a selfie atop Tower Bridge in London. When he was trying to find the perfect angle, he fell from the bridge. He fell into a ship and he fainted! When he opened his eyes, he found himself in New York. From here, his solitaire adventure begins. Join him on a journey across the United States and experience the many delights of cities like New York, Honolulu, San Francisco, New Orleans and many more in this new solitaire card game.

How to win 

In the game, you have to transfer all cards on the tableau to the discard pile. The card you want to move must be one higher or lower than the top card of the screen, ignoring the suit. If there is no more move left, flip a card on the stockpile. If you don’t want to lose the streak, you can buy a Wild Bean card which allows you to put any card on it. Several cards in a row give you a streak bonus consisting of Bean Bucks or extra cards. You can remove fly swatter by matching the correct cards on the chocolate. Try your best to get a victory and earn as much money as possible.

Accumulate as many stars as possible to unlock the star case to receive many surprising rewards. Claim extra money for free in a piggy bank.

Features of Mr Bean Solitaire Adventures:

  • Funny and exciting solitaire card game.
  • The plot of this game is interesting
  • Pass hundreds of difficult levels and unlock new adventures!
  • Discover crazy card game mechanics and make smart strategies through the levels!
  • Complete the level to earn stars and unlock amazing prizes! Keep your mind that the more cards left in the stockpile you have, the more stars you get after finishing the level. 
  • You can play the game on many platforms such as desktops or smartphones!
  • Easy gameplay but challenging to master!

How to control

Use the mouse to play.