Minesweeper Mania

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What is Minesweeper Mania


Minesweeper Mania is a fun logic game, you must clear the Minesweeper board without causing any explosion. There will be certain rules for you to win.

Minesweeper Mania can be in one of three states: covered, uncovered, or flagged. A covered cell appears as an empty, clickable cell. Cells that have not been covered are visible and unclickable. The player marks flagged cells to indicate a potential mine location.

A player only has one life per game. In no game can the first click result in the discovery of a mine. A standard click, also known as a left click, will reveal a cell on the board. Toggle flagging with a right click. Uncovered cells will either show a blank tile (which will reveal all adjacent non-mined cells) or a number indicating how many mines are adjacent and/or diagonally to it.


  • Minesweeper Mania gameplay at its finest.
  • A predetermined number of landmines.
  • There are five difficulty levels: beginner, easy, intermediate, expert, and custom games for more mines.
  • Expand or contract the number of mines.
  • Advanced gameplay designed for speed and accuracy.

How to play:

Use the mouse.