Kings and Queens Solitaire Tripeaks

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What is Kings and Queens Solitaire Tripeaks


Kings and Queens Solitaire Tripeaks is a simple card game. Your goal is to move all cards on the tableau to the waste pile in ascending or descending order.

If you just start discovering the solitaire game, this game is designed for you. This game is super interesting and easy to play. When playing this game, you not only have fun but also discover many wonderful landscapes in the world. 


The mechanic of this card game is simple. Just move all cards on the tableau to the waste pile in ascending or descending order. Tap a card one higher than the card at the bottom of the screen, or one lower than the card in the stack Their suit doesn’t matter. You can take a card from the stockpile if there is no move available left. If you run out of cards from the stock without clearing the board, you lose the level. You can select to restart the level but you will lose a heart. However, you can also continue the level by playing 100 coins. Then five extra cards will be adding  the stock. This game features some useful boosters which can be unlocked at level 5. Use them wisely as the game progresses. 

Coins and Stars

You can earn coins and stars for each level, depending on your score. After finishing a level, you will get the green chest. It tells you how many coins you will receive upon completion of that level. The chest builds up throughout the level. Don't forget to look for cards with a little coin symbol and they will give you extra coins! One more thing, bonus coins are also given depending on how many cards are left in the stock when finishing the level. Let's use coins to buy boosters and special in-level moves, such as ‘Undo’ and to add additional cards to the stockpile.

Besides coins, getting stars is useful. Stars are earned every time you complete a level. Used to open beautiful new maps, pictures and backgrounds as well as obtain awesome rewards!

About the game

The game is developed by Clever Apps Pte. Ltd. Its release date is on September 01, 2020. The game is designed with HTML 5 technology, you can play the game on many platforms (desktop, smartphone). 

How to control

  • Use the mouse to play.