Golf Easy

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What is Golf Easy


Golf Easy is a relaxing solitaire game. Your goal is to move all cards from seven columns in the tableau to the waste and get the highest possible score.

Are you looking for an easy solitaire game to relieve stress? Play this game now! No levels. No complex rule. This game is really easy to play and entertaining. 


In this game, your objective is to move all exposed cards in 7 columns in the tableau to the waste pile. The card you want to move ought to be either one rank higher or one rank lower than the card at the top of the waste pile. Only the card at the top of each column is available for play. If you are unable to continue, click the hint button to get a suggestion for the next step. You can click the Undo button to reverse your action. You earn 5 points for each card removed. Try your best to clear all cards in the tableau in the shortest time and get the highest possible score to raise your rank on the leaderboard.


Besides, if you don't have the next move, you can use a stockpile. Stockpile has many random cards. You can take one card at a time. However, you should calculate before taking stockpile cards. If you take all the cards from the stockpile without completing the game, you lose. The game will calculate the time you play. See if you can finish the game in the shortest time.

You can use beautiful themes, card sets, card backs, and backgrounds in the stock to customize your deck in order to have a more interesting experience when playing this game

How to play: Use the mouse to play.