Glow Solitaire

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What is Glow Solitaire


Entertain a card game in Glow Solitaire to get more points. You must move all cards in tableau piles to the foundation pile in a suit from Ace to King.

As you see, in the playing field, there are four foundation piles on the top corner, and you must clear all cards in the tableau piles by building the foundation piles up in suit from Ace to King. In addition, the cards in the tableau piles can arrange from King to Ace in alternate colours. So, you can easily move them to other tableau piles. You also can move many cards at the same time among tableau piles. When having any cards that are suitable for foundation piles, the cards will move automatically. Furthermore, a free cell just is started by the King card. Except for the king card, no card can fill the free cell. Then, let’s focus on a stockpile. There are 20 cards in the stockpile, and you can use the cards here to arrange them. Flip each card one by one so you can choose the right card. If there is a suitable card, you can select it. On the contrary, if you can not choose any card, the card will be put in the trash. When playing out of cards, click the Restart button to continue. Good luck. 

Some tricks in Glow Solitaire

  • Firstly, you can flip the cards in the stockpile many times to select the appropriate card, so take advantage of it to complete the level.
  • Secondly, pay attention to foundation piles, you must arrange all cards to have four suits from King to Ace, then you will finish the level quickly. 
  • Finally, your time is limited. If you do not have any excellent strategy, you will lose. 

How to play

Use the mouse to control it.