Flowers Solitaire

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What is Flowers Solitaire


Flower Solitaire is an interesting card game with a flower theme. Your target is to stack all cards into four foundation piles in ascending sequence.

This game is played with a standard deck of 52 cards. The layout of the deck includes 3 parts:

  • Tableau: Seven columns in the centre of the deck are the Tableau. The first column contains 1 card, and in the next columns, the number of cards increases in column order. 
  • Stockpile: A stack of hidden cards on the top left of the screen is the Stockpile. 
  • Foundation: There is a total of four foundation piles, which are the four empty areas at the top right of the game. Each pile represents a different suit.

How to play Flower Soliatire:

In this game, your objective is to use all cards on the tableau to build up four foundation piles in ascending order. Each pile must be stacked in a suit. Besides, you can move a card or more cards from a tableau pile to another one as long as the card bring moved is one number lower than the target card. In addition, their colours have the same suit. If you get stuck, uncover a hidden card in the stockpile. Remember that you can draw only a card at one time. Another way is to use the Hint button to get suggestions about the possible next move. If you regret your move, click the Undo button to reverse your last move. You can undo your move as many times as you like.

This game features a flower background and card set, which bring you an exciting playing experience. After you win, all cards will transform into beautiful butterflies. They fly around the flower garden and perch on pretty flowers.

How to control:

Use the mouse to control the card