Flower wall FreeCell

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What is Flower wall FreeCell


Flower Wall FreeCell is an addictive card game. Transfer all cards on the tableau to four foundation spaces to get the highest possible score.

In this game, you have to use all cards on the tableau to build up four foundation piles in ascending sequence. Each foundation pile must be arranged in the same suit. Within the tableau, you are free to move a card or a stack of cards from one column to another column. However, remember that this card or the bottom card of this stack must be one lower in rank than the target card. Moreover, they must alternate between red and black. If there is an empty space on the tableau, it can be filled with any card or a group of cards. Look at four free cells on the top left of the screen. You can use them as temporary storage. Keep in mind that each free cell can hold only one card. Use the Hint button on the bottom of the screen whenever you get stuck. It will mark playable cards on the tableau. Besides, if you regret your move, click the Undo button to reverse your last move.

There is a total of 4 levels with different degrees of difficulty. If you are on verge of discovering this game, choose the Easy level to play. If you master it, challenge yourself with Hard and Expert levels.

This game features a beautiful forest theme, which brings you a scintillating playing experience. More interestingly, the cards will transform into butterflies after you get a victory. 

Strategies to win Flower Wall Freecell:

  • Attempt to free the Aces and Deuces which are blocked under other cards
  • Try your best to keep the free cells empty
  • Focus on clearing the cards of a column first

How to play

Use the mouse to play