Dinosaurs Tripeaks

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What is Dinosaurs Tripeaks


Dinosaurs Tripeaks is a fun dinosaur-themed card game. Choose a card that is 1 lower or higher than the main card to remove all cards and win.

In this game, you must arrange the cards in ascending or descending order. Cards 1 lower or higher than the main card are accepted. You can choose cards that are not in the same suit. The value on the card is the only thing you need to care about. Next to that, you will see a stockpile. This is where you can get an additional card when you're no longer walking. There are 3 peaks with cards that are faced up or faced down. Let's remove the faced-up cards first. Face-down cards will automatically face up when it's their turn.

Dinosaurs Tripeaks Tips:

- In general, discard the card with the highest peak if you have two cards of the same value. This increases your chances of completing the level.

- You'll want to reveal the face-down card as early in the game as possible.

- You have a wild card but make good use of it.

- It helps to have a good memory. If you remember which cards you used, you can use that information to help you make better decisions, increasing your chances of success.

Two main rules to gain victory:

You must remove the post from the top and make a long chain. If you do these two things, you will definitely score high points. In addition, your win rate is also very high.

First, you will get a lot of points when you clear a vertex. You will get points for the first 2 vertices. This will depend on how many steps you take. When you clear the last vertex you will get a double score. Therefore, deleting vertices always gives you a high value.

Second, you should generate long strings. When you match the cards, the first card you can get 1 point. On the second card, you get 2 points. On the third card, you get 3 points. The number of points will be added up like that. This game also follows the same principle of adding points. So forming a long sequence will help you get more points.