Dinosaurs Klondike

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What is Dinosaurs Klondike


Dinosaur Klondike is a relaxing card game with a cute card set. Your target is to fill the 4 Foundations by following ascending suit sequences.

In this game, your mission is to move all cards on the tableau to four foundation piles as quickly as possible. Each foundation must start with an Ace and end with a King. Besides, all cards of a foundation pile must have the same suit. Within the tableau, the exposed card of a tableau column may be moved to another column if it forms a descending sequence of alternating colours. When a tableau column is completely cleared out, you can fill it with a King or a packed column starting with a King. If no more moves are available from the tableau, you can draw the card in the stockpile. When the stock has been exhausted, you can turn it over to form a new stock and the game continues. The game is won when all cards on the tableau are eliminated.

This game features a card set with cute dinosaur images. You can see a variety of dinosaurs such as T-rex, Spinosaurus, Thyreophora, Sauropods, and so on. In addition, two modes including Standard and Las Vegas are available for gameplay in this game. In a Standard mode, you will score 5 points after moving a card from the tableau to the foundation pile. In a Las Vegas mode, you will get 10 points after a card is transferred from the tableau to the foundation pile. Each mode has 6 levels from Easy to Grandmaster. Choose one of modes and levels and start playing this game now.

Features of Dinosaur Klondike:

  • 2 modes including Standard and Las Vegas
  • 6 levels (Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert, Master and Grandmaster)
  • Simple control
  • A card set with adorable dinosaur images

How to play

Use the mouse to play