Daily Solitaire Blue

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What is Daily Solitaire Blue


Welcome to Daily Solitaire Blue which creates new space to play. Move the cards from the tableau pile to the foundation piles and become a winner.

Like other card games, your task is to arrange the cards on the foundation pile from Ace to King and the same suit. The foundation piles have been marked with the position of the Ace. So let's arrange it according to the requirements. For example, there are seven tableau piles. The number of cards on the tableau piles increases gradually. You must set the cards from highest to lowest on the tableau pile, and their colors alternate. One or more cards can be moved simultaneously among the tableau piles. In addition, you must start the King in each empty cell on the tableau pile. Besides, you also can use the cards on the stockpile to play. After moving all the cards to the trash pile, you can press them back to continue searching for the appropriate cards to arrange.

Game modes of Daily Solitaire Blue

In draw one card mode, the cards on the stockpile are transferred one card at a time to the trash pile, which means the speed of drawing cards will be slower, but it is guaranteed that you will not miss any matching cards.

In draw three card mode, three cards are transferred from the reserve pile to the trash pile. Therefore, the speed of drawing cards will be faster. However, you will be able to miss some appropriate cards with foundation or tableau piles.

How to play: 

Use the mouse to play.