Daily Challenges

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What is Daily Challenges


Daily Challenges is a free card game. In this game, you can play the game with 52 cards to remove all and gain points. Every day is a different challenge.

What is Challenge?

Our lives are full of volatility and competition. Challenges posed to us are increasing and difficult. You never know in advance what will happen to you. You don't know how many challenges your life will face.

Challenges are the driving force that gives you more energy. It will help you to rise above yourself to become a better person. The challenge then becomes a source of positive energy to help you have new successes. For example, Larry Page and Sergey Brin faced many difficulties and challenges before they founded Google. Success always comes after difficulties.

Inspired by this story, the game Daily Challenges was launched. This game will give you a challenge every day. By taking on challenges, you will achieve success. Although it is just a game, it will help you to have a comfortable feeling. Reaching the goal in the game gives you an extra part of the motivation to do the tasks of daily life.

About Daily Challenges

This game will take you to card challenges. You must arrange the 52 cards in descending order in Tableau. The cards are placed in opposite colours. For example, the red queen must be placed after the black king and the red card 5 must be placed after the black card 6. If you have no next move, you can take a card from the stockpile. However, the stockpile will give you 3 cards for 1 turn. You need to get the card on the right before you get the cards inside.

In the top right of the screen, you will see 4 cells. It's a foundation. You need to arrange the cards in the tableau and stockpile them in these 4 cells. The cards must follow 4 suits: Spade, Diamond, Heart and Club. When all the cards are put into the foundation, you win.