Crescent Solitaire

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What is Crescent Solitaire


Crescent Solitaire is an entertaining solitaire game. Your objective is to build 8 foundation piles in a suit and in ascending or descending order.

This game is played with two decks with a total of 104 cards. There are 16 tableau piles and 8 foundation piles. Your mission is to use all cards in the tableau to build 8 foundations in ascending or descending order. The cards in each foundation must have the same suit. Rearrange the cards on the tableau by suit and in ascending or descending sequence. When there is no more available move to make, you can reshuffle the cards. However, you can reshuffle only 3 times. You will win if all cards on the tableau are removed and placed in their right position on 8 foundations.


This game has an arc-shaped tableau. There are 16 cards on the tableau. All cards are faced-up. You can choose any card in this area. However, that card must meet the conditions of the game. When you can't select any more cards, you can shuffle to add more cards. However, the number of shuffles is limited. You have 9 shuffles for Easy mode, 6 shuffles for Medium mode, and 3 shuffles for Hard mode.


There are two rows of foundations. Each row has 4 cards. Each card represents a suit: Shade, Diamond, Heart and Club. However, in the upper row, you will have King cards. You must arrange the cards in descending order. In the bottom row, there are ACE cards. You must sort in ascending order at this row.

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How to play: Use the mouse to play the game.