Classic Spider Solitaire

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What is Classic Spider Solitaire


Classic Spider Solitaire is an entertaining solitaire game. Your goal is to place all cards on the tableau in descending sequence to clear them.

Welcome to the world of solitaire where you can show off your strategic skills! Your mission is to place all cards on the tableau in descending order from King to Ace to eliminate them from the playing field. The suit is not important. The cards you attempt to arrange can have different suits. Utilize the cards in the stock when there are no cards on the tableau that can be moved. You are not limited to the time and moves, so you can spend hours thinking carefully to make the right moves. Attempt to remove all cards on the tableau and gain the highest possible score.

How many modes are in Classic Spider Solitaire?

There are 3 modes including “1 SUIT”. “2 SUIT”, and “4 SUIT” in this game. Each mode corresponds to the difficulty of the game round. The 1 Suit mode is easy. The 2 Suits mode is Normal. The 4 Suits mode is hard. You should choose the mode based on your ability. The 1 Suit mode will have 52 cards. The 2 Suits mode has 104 cards and there are 156 cards in the 3 Suits mode. The 4 Suits mode will be very difficult to overcome. You should start with 1 Suit.

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How to control: Use the mouse to play.