Classic FreeCell

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What is Classic FreeCell


Classic Freecell is a challenging card game. Your goal is to build up four foundations by suit from Ace to King. Try to get the highest possible score. 

In this game, your target is to place every card face up on four foundations, with each building in an ascending sequence from Aces to Kings. Within the tableau, playable cards are those on top of a tableau column. A card or a stack of cards be transferred from one column to another one as long as this card or the bottom card of this tack is one lower than the target card. Players can move any card to an empty tableau column or free cell. In addition, they must alternate between black and red. You can also add one card or stack to an empty column on the tableau. Four free cells on the top left of the deck can be used as temporary storage. You can place any card on them. Remember that each free cell can hold only one card.  Click the Hint button t get the suggestion once you get stuck. If you regret your move, click the Undo button to reverse your last move. The game is won when all cards on the tableau are removed.

The game has 4 levels including Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert. Note that Freecell is the most challenging game. Therefore, play an Easy or Medium level if you are a beginner. When you master this game, challenge yourself with a Hard or Expert level.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Analyzing your tableau before making any move..
  • Attempt to free up Aces and Deuces first
  • Try to keep your cells empty 
  • Create an empty column and use it to store a complete ascending sequence.

Features of Classic Freecell: 

  • 4 levels including Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert
  • A variety of eye-catching themes, card sets, card backs and backgrounds
  • Simple controls
  • Classic 2D graphics and vibrant sound effects

How to play

Use the mouse to play