Classic 2 Tripeaks

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What is Classic 2 Tripeaks


Classic 2 Tripeaks is a solitaire game in which you move cards from the three peaks, or the dealing deck, into a single pile until you win or lose. Before you have to deal with a new card from the reserve, clear as many cards as you can with your chain. Your game is over when you run out of cards to add to your chain and there are no more cards in the reserve.

Classic 2 Tripeaks Tips:
- In general, if you have two cards with the same value, remove the one that covers the highest peak. This increases your chances of finishing the level.
- You'll want to reveal face-down playing cards as soon as possible in the game.
- You have a wild card but make good use of it.
- It helps to have a good memory. If you remember which cards you've already used, you can use that information to help you make better decisions, increasing your chances of success.