Candy Mahjong

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What is Candy Mahjong


Candy Mahjong is a fantastic puzzle game. Your goal is to remove all candy tiles by matching a pair of identical tiles and get the highest possible score.

Featuring a fresh appearance, this new version of the mahjong game will bring you a scintillating playing experience. You will see colourful images. A game with candies, fruit cakes and snacks. This game entices players from first sight. Thanks to the eye-catching graphics, you will probably spend a lot of time with this game!

In this game, your objective is to clear all tiles on the playing field by matching two identical tiles. The tiles you attempt to match must free and open up the newest tiles. You can only connect unblocked tiles together.

What are unblocked bricks?

Unblocked bricks are bricks that are not overlapped by other bricks. Besides, it must have a free edge. If the bricks do not meet the above two conditions, they cannot be joined together. You should use the qualified bricks on the side first. Then you can unblock the other bricks. When you click on the unblocked bricks, you will see their borders light up. That is a sign that they are ready to be connected.

Build your effective strategy to eliminate all tiles as fast as possible because the time is limited. You have 5 minutes for each game round. If all tiles aren’t removed before the time is over, you will lose. The game will give you a hint if you can’t find more moves. Shuffle the tiles if there are no more available moves. Do your best to gain the highest possible score.

Come on! Click to play this game now. Play it every day to master it.

How to control: Tap or click on the target tiles.