Bridge Card Game

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What is Bridge Card Game


Bridge Card Game is an amazing card game. Do your best to win at least the number of tricks you stated and score more points than your opponents to win.

This game is played by 4 players. You are a teammate with the North player and the West and East players are in a team. The game starts with the bidding. You and the other players must bid the number of tricks that you think your team will win. You can choose the number of bids (from 1 to 7) and a trump suit. N/T is no trump which means that you only want to bid a number, not a suit. The Double button allows you to double the preceding bid of your rival. Choose a Pass button if you don’t want to bid, double or redouble. The first player who made the first bid is called a “declarer” and his or her partner is the “dummy”. The opponents are the “defenders”. The defenders on the left of the declarer will lead the first trick. After that, you and the other 3 players will play a card which has the same suit as the first card. The one who has the highest card will be the winner and score one point. Try your best to get more points than your rivals to get a victory.

About the game

The game is a good way to kill time and relax after a long time. You can play this game on our web for free. Moreover, the game is playable on smartphones and PCs. Are you ready to become the king of this game? 


  • Played by 4 players
  • Simple controls
  • Classic 2D graphics and vibrant sound effects

How to control

Use the mouse to play.