Best Classic Solitaire

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What is Best Classic Solitaire


Best Classic Solitaire is an amazing solitaire game. Your objective is to move all cards in the tableau to four foundations and get the highest possible score.

If you are looking for a game to improve your patience, tap to play this game. When playing this game, you will be on the edge of your seat contemplating your next moves all day. You will have to use your analytical abilities to calculate your next move. The mechanics of this game are really simple. However, it will bring you unexpected challenges.

Parts of Best Classic Solitaire

In this game, you will have to arrange the cards in the correct order. There are three sections that you need to keep in mind: Tableau, Stockpile and Foundation. In Tableau, you will have 7 columns and 28 cards. Each column has a face-up card. You need to arrange the cards in descending order from King to ACE. Note that you can only arrange cards of opposite colours to be next to each other. For example, Red King, Black Queen and Red Jack are the correct order. If you don't have the next move, you can get extra cards from Stockpile.

The Stockpile is where the remaining cards of the 52-card deck are kept. You can take the cards one by one when you have no moves.

Foundation is the ultimate place to arrange the cards. You need to arrange the cards in ascending order from ACE to King. Take cards from the tableau and stockpile them to place in the foundation.

Mode and Time

The time is unlimited, so think carefully to decide what is your next move. Note that only face-up cards are available for gameplay. You can click the Undo button to reverse the previous action. The game offers no hint, so you have to do your own to win the game. Do your best to clear all cards and get the highest possible score.

Come on! Click to play this classic solitaire game now and enjoy it! You can choose a “1 DRAW” or “3 DRAW” mode to play. 1 Draw mode allows you to take 1 card at a time strong stockpile. In 3 Draw mode, you must take 3 cards at a time.