Best Classic Mahjong Connect

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What is Best Classic Mahjong Connect


Best Classic Mahjong Connect is a relaxing puzzle game. Your objective is to remove all of the tiles on the playing field and get the highest possible score.

Do you need a game to relieve stress after a hard-working day? This game is designed for you. With simple mechanics and easy controls, this game is a great way to have fun.

 In this game, your mission is to find out a pair of identical tiles to match. The tiles that are matched will disappear from the playing field. Try your best to clear all tiles on the playing field in the shortest time as the time is limited. If you can’t find more matches, use the hint button to get a suggestion. You gain 10 points after matching successfully a pair of tiles. Do your best to get the highest possible score and step up to the next level.

However, the game is never easy. Best Classic Mahjong Connect takes the main theme of mahjong with special symbols. These symbols are different from abstraction. You may have trouble finding the same tiles.

There are a total of 12 levels with varying degrees of difficulty in this game. Play it now and beat all levels.

Tips to play

  • You should oversee the whole game screen
  • Connect the tiles that are similar and located close to each other
  • Pay attention to the colour of the tiles if the symbols are too hard to remember
  • The tiles in the outermost row are the easiest bricks to connect

How to control: Tap or click on the target tiles.