Beetle Solitaire

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What is Beetle Solitaire


Beetle Solitaire attracts many people with simple gameplay, and you can completely conquer the game by arranging the cards from King to Ace and the same suit.

Appreciated with easy gameplay, the game gives you interesting experiences. If you are an enthusiast of puzzle games and brain training, you cannot ignore this game. Use a smart strategy to complete all the missions you have. With more than ten tableau piles, you need to find a way to have them disappear from the playing field and be saved in the stockpile. It is straightforward, set them in descending order and the same suits. Moreover, depending on your chosen level, there will be different difficulties. Three levels are Easy, Medium, and Hard. With Easy mode, you will play with only one suit, so if you are just starting, you should choose this mode. Next, the Medium mode increases the difficulty when you have to arrange the cards in 2 different suits. You can move cards alternately. However, an accepted deck will be a deck of the same suit. Finally, the most complicated mode, the Hard mode with four suits, needs to be arranged. You will have to spend more time playing this mode.

Tips to win Beetle Solitaire

Firstly, with Easy mode (1 suit), you only need to arrange according to the requirements that are in descending order and the same set. Then play with all the cards in the reserve to win.

Secondly, Medium mode and Hard mode will force you to sort by sets. For example, two suits for Medium mode and four suits for Hard mode. If you realize a suitable card that can form a deck, you can move the cards arranged alternately to select it. Then rearrange the alternating cards to form a full deck.

How to play

Use the mouse to control it.