Algerian Patience

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What is Algerian Patience


Algerian Patience is an exciting card game. Your task is to arrange the cards from the tableau pile to the foundation pile in the allotted time.

There are eight foundation piles in this game. The first four piles will start with the Ace card. Your task is to arrange the other cards from Ace to King on these first four piles, which must be of the same suit. The following four foundation piles start from King. You will have to arrange the cards from King to Ace. In addition, there are eight tableau piles which you can move cards from. Besides, you can arrange the cards from the bottom corner reserve pile into the tableau piles. These piles you can arrange in ascending or descending order as long as they are in the same suit. When all the cards on the reserve pile are exhausted, you can tap the stockpile in the top left corner to get more cards.

You are forced to complete the challenge within the allotted time. You have 15 minutes for each level. However, to complete the tasks on time requires you to react quickly and have a good strategy to complete them. You can also press the Undo button to undo the previous move. Make sure everything is still under your control. Good luck.

Features of Algerian Patience: 

  • There is a timer.
  • A leaderboard divides achievements by day, week, and month.
  • It is possible to choose 18 languages, which is suitable for many people.
  • Colorful pictures, pleasant sounds.

How to play:

Use the mouse to play.