Above And Below Solitaire

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What is Above And Below Solitaire


Above And Below Solitaire is an impressive card game. Your task is to fill eight foundation piles with cards from the tableau piles and the stockpile.

You will play with eight foundation piles in the top corner. The four foundation piles on the left will be stacked up from Ace to King in suits, and the four piles on the right will be stacked down from King to Ace in suits. The four tableau piles will be left blank. You will take the first card from the stockpile to start playing. Tableau piles are arranged in ascending or descending order in a suit. You can completely arrange them easily. The stockpile will allow you to take cards that you think are suitable for the foundation pile or the tableau pile. After playing all cards, the cards are moved to the trash pile, and you can press undo to continue playing with the remaining cards. You face a challenge in that you are unable to move multiple cards at once. One card is transferred per move. However, you can move cards from one foundation pile to another. Complete the mission as fast as possible to get a high score and put your name on the leaderboard. Or, if you find it too challenging to complete the mission because of some mistakes, you can press the Give Up button to end the game and start a new turn. Good luck.

Features of Above And Below Solitaire: 

  • No hint for you.
  • A leaderboard keeps you motivated to get high scores.
  • Can give up if the level is too difficult.
  • Can play in full-screen mode.
  • Single-player.

How to play: 

Use the mouse to play.