3 Keys Solitaire

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What is 3 Keys Solitaire


3 Keys Solitaire is an interesting card game. Your task is to unlock all the foundation piles and move all the cards on the tableau piles to them.

This is an attractive card game. You need to unlock all two of three foundation piles in the top right corner by placing all cards of the tableau piles on foundation piles, provided the cards are one number lower or higher than the foundation pile card. Then, you will reach the cards with the key and unlock the remaining piles. Play at all three foundation piles once all are opened. Click on your stockpile if you can not find any matching cards for the foundation pile. You must note that you will lose if you use all the cards in your reserve and still cannot complete the mission. In addition, you can also use the Joker card as an aid for you. Once the Joker is used on the foundation pile, any card on the tableau pile can be started. You do not have much time. You have six minutes to complete the task. The timer will count down the time. Make all cards on the tableau piles disappear within the allotted time. Good luck.

Features of 3 Keys Solitaire

  • There are ten levels with increasing difficulty.
  • Can use the Joker card as a hint.
  • The timer counts down the time.
  • Easy to control.

How to play:

Use the mouse to play.