Solitaire Classic

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What is Solitaire Classic


Solitaire Classic is an intriguing card puzzle game. In this game, you will join in classic card rounds with 52 cards to create suits in descending order.

Do you want to play card games as in a real casino? Or do you want to play card games, but in private areas? Let's come to Solitaire Classic where you can enjoy interesting solitaire rounds! In particular, you can play in three game modes, including Daily Reward, 1 Card, and 3 Cards mode. Select your favorite game mode and play!

In this game, you will take part in the solitaire battle with a 52-card deck. Your task is to build suits in ascending order from Ace to King. Complete arranging all cards to finish your mission. If you don't know how to continue to play, you can tap the stockpile to add an extra card.

Features of Solitaire Classic

  • Classic and superb solitaire game 
  • Arrange in ascending order with 52 cards
  • 3 game modes

How to control

  • Tap and drag cards.